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You want what is best for your business, and that means doing your due diligence to find the best facilitators for drug testing, background checks, and fingerprinting in the Nevada area.

Our customer service team is happy to talk you through any confusion you might have, but we have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Priority1.

We hope these will help you find all the answers you need.

Yes, it does. Different collection methods have different windows of detection. If you are trying to make sure an employee has not been using illegal drugs during their suspension, a urine test will not suffice. Instead, choose a hair follicle test to get an overview of the past three months.

While government-mandated testing protocols are usually far stricter than corporate policies, we are happy to follow any number of protocols.

At Priotity1, our staff is trained to cater to any number of testing standards. Whether they are government mandated or just part of corporate policy, we can adapt and perform at full compliance. Both in collection method and observation, we can offer fully customized drug testing.

No. We offer a mobile testing service, meaning we can set up shop in your office. Your employees will not have to take off time to go get tested.

A Breathalyzer test is only suitable within a two to ten-hour window. That means it must be administered almost immediately. If you suspect that an employee involved in an accident was under the influence of alcohol, a testing facilitator should be called right away.

In addition to the short detection window, there is no way to determine when the alcohol was consumed. If the employee in question is allowed to leave the premises, any spike in blood alcohol level could be due to off-the-clock consumption, and therefore not grounds for disciplinary action.

While any number of factors can affect the length of time it takes to perform a background check, we use high-speed connections to get the report faster than traditional methods. Expect a successful background check to be returned very quickly.

We search county, state, and federal criminal record databases, as well as the sex offender registry. This search will be conducted in both their home jurisdiction and the jurisdiction(s) of former employers.

For Livescan, the printing process takes minutes, and it should take only a few days for the results to be returned.

No, we do not. As soon as the results are returned, we delete the prints. We will never sell, trade, or exchange any information we receive, meaning we keep your records absolutely private.

No. While we do process hard fingerprints, they will still be subject to the same waiting period as any other ink fingerprints. Please expect it to take at least a few months.

If your question was not answered, please call us at (833) 331-8477. We will be happy to talk you through any confusion you might have. When you need accurate, reliable, and quick drug testing in the Nevada area, call Priority1.