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Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live Scan fingerprinting is the very best way to get your background checks completed in record time and with the most accuracy. It is a process in which the applicant will come into the office to have their fingerprint scanned into the computer. It is 100% electronic. This means that there isn’t any smudged ink but a full-on fingerprint that the computer can read easily. While the old fashion way used to be rubbing each finger in ink and placing it on a card, this is the latest technology. By processing the fingerprints this way, we are much faster and it is highly accurate.

From the digital print, we can send it through the systems to see what the government agencies have to say. Because this is done electronically, we tend to have very quick and accurate results from live scan fingerprinting. While this is the very best and most accurate, it is fairly new, and not all background check places offer this sort of service.

Why Live Scan Background Check?

But why would we need a live scan fingerprinting background check? Isn’t a simple background check be okay for those that provide the name, sex, race, address, etc? We are in a new age of technology. While you can run a background using that information. However, a person could give you the wrong information or be using someone else’s identity. It is very easy for criminals to change up that information too. When this wrong information is put through the systems, the system will give the all-clear. While they cannot escape their own fingerprints.

Name checks are the old way of doing things. This new way is much more accurate. This biometric cannot be altered or changed and is with that same person throughout life. While criminals think they can scam the system by using an alias, in fact, you will catch them in their tracks with live scan fingerprinting.

What is Live Scan fingerprinting So Accurate?

Live Scan fingerprinting is so accurate because this is a biometric search, there simply isn’t room for error as with a name search. A name search is loaded with room for error. You could be doing a background check on a completely different person and don’t even know it. Many of these databases are made up of both civil and criminal prints. This means that you won’t be simply checking the prints against only criminals. In fact, civil fingerprints make up the national database almost double that of criminals according to the FBI Next Generation Identification (NGI).

The hiring process is very stressful. You want to make the right choice, not only for your company but for the other workers as well. It is important that you not only find someone that has the right skill set but also find someone that can fit into your culture and dynamics of the office. While some companies don’t do background checks, we feel this is a very important part of the hiring process. You can learn a lot from live scan fingerprinting about a person. You want to ensure that your company is protected from theft and fraud.

New Employee Screening Process.

When you hire a new employee, take the time to get to know the person before handing over anything that is vital to the company. While you may have done everything you can to ensure that the person doesn’t have a history of criminal activity, still be cautious. It is always helpful to have someone train the new person and get to know them a little bit.

Having new employees is something that every company goes through. However, it is how you approach the hiring process that will ensure you have a great staff. Be sure that you do ask questions and get a feel for someone. Doing live scan fingerprinting is only one piece to the overall puzzle. This should be toward the end of the hiring process as you weed out the candidates and make your final choice.

Aside from live scan fingerprint service we also offer some other pre-employment testing such as drug and alcohol screening. This is done in a variety of fashions from hair, urine, swab and we even offer an 80-hour Alcohol look-back. All of our staff are professionally trained to perform the testing that is required. We offer complete customer satisfaction and want you to love our services. It is our pleasure to offer such state of the art technology to assist with your hiring needs.

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