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Background Checks

The hiring process can be incredibly stressful. You and your hiring managers have enough on your plate, ensuring that you hire a qualified individual. The last thing you need adding to your stress is the legal character of your future employee. That’s why background checks are an expected part of every hiring process.

A detailed investigation of a potential employee’s criminal history gives you a huge advantage. Not only can you avoid bringing a dangerous element into your workplace, but it also gives you a look into the kind of candidate you are hiring.

At Priority1, we go above and beyond for employee background checks in Nevada and nationwide. Many companies cut the search short, delivering an incomplete record. We, on the other hand, use every avenue to give you an exhaustive, detailed report. We want to give you security when hiring, and we go to great lengths to provide it.

An Exhaustive Report

In the modern age, traditional means do not cut it. Thoroughly vetting someone takes a combination of technology and bureaucratic know how. We combine both to cross-reference a multitude of databases. This way, we’re able to uncover more criminal records, while sorting through what you are legally allowed to see.

The issue that prevents background checks from covering everything is a poor understanding of how legal jurisdictions differ. Across the country, access to databases is controlled differently. A strong knowledge of these different systems is crucial. This is what separates the reliable from the incomplete.

However, a thorough report means nothing if it drastically slows down your hiring process. Our protocol allows us to provide superb results in a fraction of the time of traditional means. In the digital age, we at Priority1 have what it takes to keep up.

Where We Search

Providing the services we do means accessing a tremendous amount of databases. It also means using those databases in combination to ensure that we uncover everything possible. This cross-referencing means delving into each individually as well. Generally, this is how we conduct our research.

  1. County Criminal Records – We begin on the lowest level, based on the employee’s given residence. We then go farther back, looking into the county records for past places of employment and even educational institutions. As we do with all databases, we are looking for both felony and misdemeanor cases, as well as the current status of the charges.
  2. State Criminal Records – Next, we move up the ladder to the state level. Unfortunately, not all state criminal record repositories are complete. This can cause misleading conclusions, ruining an innocent candidate’s chances with the company. For that reason, we only provide details from repositories we deem trustworthy.
  3. Federal Criminal Records – Often, state and county records are enough, but we do not stop there. We provide reports at the federal level as well. This is especially crucial when investigating candidates for senior positions, but we will provide it for every background check for our Nevada customers.
  4. Sex Offender Registry – This is generally our last step, as it is likely that all crimes have already been uncovered. However, we still delve into this registry as well, which is one way we ensure that our reports are thorough.

An incomplete background check can prove disastrous for your company. Do not take those chances. Use a company that you know will uncover the entirety of a candidate’s legal background.

You can’t afford to take risks when it comes to bringing on personnel. At Priority1, we work with you to make it a non-issue. If you’re looking for a new level of security for your hiring process, call us today at (833) 331-8477.