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Drug Testing

Drug testing is an important part of creating a safe, productive work environment. You cannot put your employees and your business at risk. It is crucial to be proactive and to use a company that you can trust. At Priority1, we are proud to be that company, and we are proud to provide full-service drug testing for the Nevada area.

We’ve served companies across many different industries, and every scenario requires different testing needs. We strive to meet those needs with an efficient work system and highly skilled collectors. Most importantly, we comply with the protocol of various government entities, including the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Mandatory vs. Non-Mandatory

For certain industries, both federal and Nevada drug testing standards must be met. Most notably, this applies to any industry that falls under the jurisdiction of the DOT. This includes railway, aviation, and maritime-related companies. For these industries, testing must be done at regular intervals, in a specific manner.

However, we also provide services for non-mandatory testing. Whether your company has its own regular testing already set into your corporate policy, or an incident has raised the need, we can cater our services to your specific needs. While you may certainly opt to follow DOT procedures, our staff is trained to conform to your policy.

Drug Testing Scenarios

Even if your company does not have a testing policy or is not required to administer drug testing by the Nevada or federal governments, there are many scenarios that might call for screening. Here are a few that we see most often.


  • Post-Accident Testing – When something goes wrong and it appears an employee is at fault, it is important to investigate the situation. If there is a suspicion of intoxication, quick and accurate testing is a crucial piece of accountability. A scenario like this requires stringent protocols that not all testing companies can meet. At Priority1, we make sure to work to the highest standards, eliminating liability risks.
  • Random Drug Testing – In order to ensure that your employees are coming to work ready to give 100 percent efficiency, random drug screenings are a necessary part of a company policy. We bring the testing facility to you, making the process as painless and quick as possible.
  • Return to Duty – After an employee has been suspended due to a failed drug test, they must be vetted before returning to work. It is crucial that these tests live up to your company’s protocol, as well as any state or federals standards that may apply. Letting an employee return to duty without being thoroughly tested is a major liability issue. We can help you eliminate that issue.
  • Pre-Employment Testing – Risk avoidance starts before a new employee even begins work. To ensure that only the most reliable employees make it onto your staff, pre-employment testing is an ideal tool. We even offer mobile services to take the headache out.

In addition, we of course offer regular, scheduled drug testing throughout the Nevada area. Whatever the problem, we offer the solution. We fit your company’s schedule, protocol, and specific needs.

Testing Services

As policies and scenarios differ, the most suitable method of testing changes. We offer a wide variety of screening options to serve our clients.


Screening Method What is Detected When Typically Used Type of Collection
Hair Follicle Drug use over 90-day period Return to duty, Follow-up testing, Pre-employment Sample collected by technician
Lab-Based Oral-Fluid Tests Drug use in the past 24 to 48 hours Suitable for all scenarios, but primarily used post-accident, especially if not immediate Sample collected by technician
Breath Alcohol Tests Alcohol consumption in the past 2 to 10 hours Suitable for all scenarios, but generally used immediately post-accident Test administered by technician
Urine Drug Screens Drug use in the past 24 to 72 hours Any testing scenario Unobserved, meaning tampering is possible

If there is not a specific method listed in your company’s policy, it’s fairly easy to determine the most suitable method. Here is a chart to help.

Company-wide or even selective drug testing can be a complicated process. We aim to eliminate the mess, making quick, efficient screening accessible to all companies, regardless of size. For drug testing in the Nevada area, Priority1 is an industry leader. If you’re ready to create a healthier, safer, and more efficient workplace, call us today at (833) 331-8477.