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Doing a proper background check means using every avenue at your disposal. While a traditional database check may yield plenty of results, fingerprinting can take it above and beyond. By cross-referencing federal and local law enforcement databases, you have a wealth of information that other tactics do not expose. This can be used to ensure that you don’t bring a dangerous element into your workplace.

Just like every aspect of a background check, a fingerprint is only as good as the provider. With our highly trained staff and cutting-edge documentation methods, Priority1 is your go-to for fingerprinting in the Nevada area. We can provide you with quick, reliable Livescan results for your company’s background checks. In addition, we can provide hard fingerprint cards for self-use.

Shortcomings of Ink Fingerprinting

Why are we as an industry so keen to move away from traditional ink fingerprinting? While the lack of technology may make it seem simpler, there is actually a lot that can go wrong.

  • Human Error – With ink prints, a successful print relies heavily on the skills of the technician, both in taking the print and processing. In fact, the most common error is the print getting smudged shortly after being taken. If this occurs, the print will be rejected, and a new card must be filled out.
  • Long Waiting Period – Fingerprinting is a time-intensive process. While the actual prints may be quick, it can take several months to get the results back. That isn’t an option for employers, especially if a new staff member needs to begin immediately.

Why Livescan?

With Livescan, we can eliminate both of those issues, as it is essentially the digitizing of old-fashioned fingerprinting. There is no ink involved, and your fingerprint is uploaded immediately. What this means for you as a company is quicker results. Those several months of wait time turn into several days. This saves you time in the hiring process, which we know is finite.

In addition to speed, Livescan actually produces more accurate results. As we know, ink can get smudged. Prints can also be low quality, without all of the ridges being fully documented. With Livescan, there’s no ink to smudge, and an issue with the print can be detected immediately. When you leave, you can be confident that your prints will go through without any issues.

In short, Livescan takes a tried and true method and brings it up to the modern age. We live in a fast-moving world, and company owners neither have the time to wait around for a background check nor the patience to resubmit prints. Priotity1 understands that, which is why we make use of technology to get you accurate, fast results.

Hard Fingerprinting Cards

As a Nevada-based company, we focus on digital fingerprinting in the Nevada area. However, we understand that companies often need to use the same services for out-of-state job candidates.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide Livescan services across state lines. To alleviate this issue, we can provide hard fingerprinting cards to take inked prints. This brings up some of the issues with low-quality prints as well as a longer processing time. Please allow eight to sixteen weeks for processing.


We understanding that fingerprinting records bring up privacy concerns. Rest assured that we do not keep prints on file, and after you are given the report, the print is deleted. While we already promise to never sell, trade, or exchange any of your information, we take this extra step to ensure your privacy. We also train all of our staff in the handling of private information. This way, every step of the process is secure and safe.

If you need Livescan fingerprinting for your company, call us today at (833) 331-8477.